Marco Maroni

Taskbar Calculator

for Microsoft Windows®


Windows 11 has completely changed the task bar. While waiting for an update that is integrated with the new Windows 11 taskbar, I suggest you download and run the ExplorerPatcher that brings the taskbar back to the Windows 10 style, making the Taskbar Calculator still usable even on Windows 11.

The Taskbar Calculator is a simple calculator for Microsoft Windows® desktop operating system. It is positioned on the Windows taskbar, the desktop area where the list of the opened programs appears (generally at the bottom of the screen).

UPDATE: Version 2.2 multi resolution support and theme font.

Download the installer  - Taskbar Calculator ver. 2.2 for Windows 7, 8 and 10 - x64 version

Download and execute the installer. Once the installation is completed, in order to see the calculator use the taskbar context menu, as showed below:

When the Taskbar Calculator window is active, you can execute the operations of a common calculator, the four fundamental operations (+, -, *, /) the square radix (q), the percentage (%) and of course the total (‘Enter’ or ’=’). Other helper buttons are: ESC to clear the digit, ‘z’ to insert three zeroes, ‘p’ to pass to the negative digit. For a complete list of the keybord shortcuts you can click on the “Taskbar Calculator” title with the right button and select ‘Taskbar Calculator Info’ in the context menu:

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A special thanks to Dawn Luks who has supported me to maintain and improve the project.